Henkies Hay in


I only source and sell what I would feed to my own animals. There is NO minimum quality I deliver, but for economical reasons I would prefer you order two or more if you opt for delivery.


About Henkies Hay

Not thing special really, just selling hay and lucern at the most affordable price possible. I focus on quality and small quantities, sure I can deliver 100 odd bales if you need that many.

Quality control.

I can go into the science and write a lot of stuff about hay, the end of the day it is all about harvesting and storage. The harvesting and baling is done by guys that have done this stuff for generations, so there is no denying that it will be done proper. Same applies for storage of the hay.

I store small quantities here in Dayboro for the simple reason of quality control.  Quality Hay is subject to a few things, one is propert storage (which is done on “the farm”) second is duration of that storage.

Keeping small stock enables me to provide the freshes product available. It is really that simple. If you do not like the product on delivery, then simply say so and I take it back.